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Table Of Calority Of Products And Products

This is the end of a good time when the baby was always tied up with his mom. Now he wants to play with his peers, learn and learn new. It's time to think about the kindergarten.

We are confident that, before giving a child to such an institution, parents will learn about all aspects of the child ' s life outside the home, namely, conditions of stay, qualifications of the caretaker, regime, etc. But there's one condition that all parents are interested in is eating children in the garden. Let's talk about this sick subject.

Меню в детском садуFirst of all, find out how to register in the e-registration and how to get the nurse to the kindergarten.

Food in kindergarten

First of all, it must be said that there are both public and private institutions of this kind. But they are all subordinate to such a body as district or regional education departments, and their activities are governed by the Constitution of Ukraine and by the Constitution of Ukraine.

Какое питание в детском садуWith regard to nutrition, we will highlight several main facts:

  • List food Children are drawn up and agreed by the executive branch through tenders. In this way, the differences in products in different State gardens may be minimal due to virtually identical lists of deliveries.
  • A child ' s diet in the garden (all depend on the form of ownership of the institution), free food is available to certain categories of families (multiple children, orphans, half orphans, disabled children, etc.).
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