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Nutrition For Men

In the minds of most of our compatriots, there's a long and lasting myth that there is a special correct nutrition for men♪ Is that really it?

Meat is real men's food!

No gram of truth. A full-value protein derived from animal products is required not only for men to maintain their tri-trailers in normal shape. By the way, the mass is at least 10 per cent higher than that of women.

Man-made hormones also depend on constant income. In particular, a testosterone who is responsible not only for good luck in bed, but also for the physical and emotional state of the real man.

Fucking fat!

Right food for women

The sausages with the sausages, the pellets and the fat pigs do not belong to the full source. Excessive animal fats of these " hairy " products lead to the development of heart disease and receptacles that men are already prone to because of the rich stress and harmful habits of life.

It's perfect for the non-fish meat: veal, lamb, beef, chicken or rabbit. Of course, a man can't appreciate a couple of meat. And wrapped in your own juice or cooked in a grill not only tastes good, but also freed from exterior fat.

It's better to sell it with home sauce from fresh vegetables - in the many men's favorite mayons and ketchups are full of extra salt and sugar, as well as painters, dampers and other chemical products.

Dairy kitchen

Traditional baby milk and its derivatives are the right food for men at any age. In particular, creativity is an excellent construction material for the muscles, thanks to the content of the easily removable. There are calciums in it that will help maintain the normal condition of the joints and bones.

If a man does not like milk products in kind, they can be replaced by kefier, yogurts, cheese and caps. Not too sweet.

Sweetie's mine.

Men are desperate sweets, really, recognized in this seldom and inappropriate. And they swallow cookies and cakes, and obviously, liters of sweet soda.

But the excess of sugar and other refined products for the masculine talis is not as good as the women. Although the male organism has to spend 900 kilocalories per day more than the female, it is also not protected from the development of metabolic syndrome, which is still referred to as deadly quartet: carbon exchange disorders due to reduced insulin sensitivity, abdominal obestion, increased blood cholesterol and increased artery pressure.

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