диета 5 каждый день

Diet Of Prescriptions Every Day

To make a menu every day for every phase of Dukan's diet on its own, it's rather awkward, given that there are more than 3,5,000 copy prescriptions on the website. Someone's lazy, someone doesn't have time to find, someone's panicking at this kind of recipe-- that's the first and second dishes, the desserts, the baking, the snacks, the drinks-- that's what we don't have! And that's why, to make life worse, we've made up. approximate menu every day Dukan's diet.

Why rough? First, it is impossible to take into account the culinary preferences of all our users. There are, for example, people who don't eat meat, some don't eat fish. Not much! And secondly, we want you not to limit yourself in any way, because culinary diversity has no limit! Don't take the proposed menu as a guide that cannot be derogated from. Use it as a tramplin. We've only put ideas in your power to develop them.

Note that the proposed menu does not take into account the " residues " from previous meals. In addition, count the edible number of cuts and DWPs.

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