Продукты ускоряющие обмен

Depletion Diet

гречневая диетаDeterioration to 12 kg in 14 days.
Average daily calorie 970 Kcal.

One of the simplest of the monodite is the Greek diet based on the menu contains the Greek pot. At the time of the Greek diet, the short-term diet is 14 days long, but the most effective is 12 kilograms and more. The worsening will depend on the weight of the weight that it is, the faster the deterioration occurs.

The greasy pot prepared according to the menu of the Greek diet has a calorium between 70 and 169 Kcal. In this sense, the Greek cat just creates a sense of sadness. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the number of walnuts eaten in the day.

In the Greek caste, the high calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron content, and the high vegetation protein content of 5, 93 per cent and vitamins of group B reduce the possible harm to the diet. Not only will you not feel any significant inconvenience with respect for the diet, but with every day, self-esteem will only be improved, a sense of ease. This allows for the almost total abandonment of purely protein (mass, fish) ingredients in the menu of the Greek diet.

Белковая диетаThe obligatory requirement of the Greek diet is a total ban on any fix, spice, sauce, sugar or even salt.

Second requirement 4 hours before sleeping. - this is an important requirement for a successful loss on a Greek diet.

Hot diet cushion preparation

1. The greek's all over the next day, at 0, 5 kilograms of greasy brushing 1, 5 liters of boiling and turning the dishes to the blanket until the morning, you can't barge the rup. There's so much greasy cushion that you're out of your way for the first day, and then we're making a sense. diet and 100 grams of Greeks will be sufficient. In the morning, the casket will look like a normal Greek casket - it must be eaten for 14 days - if the water isn't fully absorbed, it's too much to drain, and the next time you're gonna pour a little bit less of boiling water.

2. The video shows the second fast-tracking method of the Greek pot in the thermos. But the time of preparation in the thermos is only 35 to 40 minutes.

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