расчет калорий в продуктах

Calculation Of Calories In Products

Определение понятияEach package of food and beverages can be found not only the composition, but also the calorium, the number of calories. As defined by the calorie of the produce of the fruit and the household, which means these figures, whether to pay attention to them and who cares Calorium counttells MedAboutMe.


Для чего используется расчет калорийThe caloria is the unit of heat distribution when a certain amount of the substance is burned. The term “caloria” was proposed by the Swedish physicist, Johann Vilke, in the middle of the 18th century. The word itself comes from Latin calor, warm. Until recently, the definitions of " big calories " , " small calories " , were replaced by kilocalories, rocks and calories.

Definition of the concept

Johann Vilke initially used a calorie unit solely to calculate the heat generated during combustion of fuels: firewood, flames, coal. The energy efficiency of the various materials used for heating spaces and for moving mechanisms was thus explored. To date, the terms " fuel calorium " can be found in the special literature, with the most common units being gigacalories (Gal), which are 109 calories.

If distracted from the charcoal and coal theme, the caloricity of food for living creatures determines what Swedish scientists mean when they burn the floors. The calorium of foods is determined by their energy value, which the organism receives when eating. Our organisms need a temperature of about 37°C to maintain life. Incinerated " fuel " , i.e. refrigerated food, enables the body to produce energy for temperature balance and exchange processes. The amount of energy redistributed from the product to the body is determined by the quantity of calories in the edible product or dish.

The use of the term " caloria " , " caloricity " began in the 1900s when food became " fuel " for living organisms. The term had been widely distributed only at the end of the past century, with the adoption of legislative guidelines on the mandatory indication of the energy value of food in packages.

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