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Calculate The Cages

The right meals and the reduction in the number of calories eat are the safest and most accurate way to lose. But how many kilocalories do you take for guidance? It depends on your sex, age, weight, growth and physical activity. In this article, we'll tell you how to calculate your personal standard of daily calories. You'll need basic algebra knowledge and ten minutes.

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Calculate the need for calories

In the first stage, we will calculate the basic rate of metabolicism (basal metabolic rate, BMR) - the number of calories that the organism needs to receive within 24 hours for normal operation in the state of rest. I mean, it's the amount of energy spent per day on breathing, food resurgence, tissue recovery and growth, and blood circulation. Two ways can define this value: according to the Harris formula, Benedict (Harris-Benedict equation) and the Mifflin-Jeora equation (Mifflin-St. Jeor equation).

We'll take a couple of young people with a body weight index of 27, 78 (young man 30, growth of 1, 8 m and weight of 90 kg) and 25, 71 (25-year-old girl 1, 65 m and weighing 70 kg). According to WHO definitions, they have an excess body mass, or a prediction. It's probably not very visible in the clothes, but the ears on the side won't lie.

Formula Harris - Benedict

Francis Gano Benedict (Francis Gano Benedict) - American chemist, physiologist and dietologist, one of the pioners who studied metabolism speed and oxygen consumption. In 1919, it produces scientific work A Biometric Study of Basal Metabolism in Man, which subsequently becomes an absolute classic in its field. The co-author of work was Francis's compatriots, James Arthur Harris (James Arthur Harris). Scientists stated that the approximate value of BMR could be determined on the surface area of the body and suggested a formula.

In 1984, the original calculations were modified. By the way, many online calculators have not heard of these adjustments. daily calorium♪ We'll have a refined editorial. Just meet her and take it easy.

Calculation for men: 88, 362 + (13, 397x [kg]) + (4,799x growth [see]) - (5, 677x [year]).

88, 362 + (13, 397x 90) + (4, 799x 180) - (5, 677x 30) = 88, 362 + 1 205, 73 + 863, 82 - 170, 31 = 1,988 kcal/day.

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