Как похудеть за неделю на 5 кг

3 Weeks Worth 5 Kg

Изображение с названием Lose 10 Pounds in a Month Step 1Reduce calorie consumption. To drop the weight, it's just necessary to use less calories, eat healthy food and sports. To get rid of 1 kg every week, calorie consumption should be reduced by 1,000. Use less calorie and burn more calories during sports.
  • If you use 1,000-1200 calories every day and do 1 hour aerobic exercises, you can lose 1, 5-2, 5 kg just in one week.
  • Whatever your weight, don't try to use 1,200 calories a day for more than one week.
  • Start reading the labels, and use the online calculator calorie calorie caloricity of everything you eat. Don't forget calories in salad gas, sauce, drinks and olive oil.
Drink properly. Weight loss is not only the use of fewer food, but also the right meals. The rich nutrients will help you to lose your sense of sustenance.Изображение с названием Lose 10 Pounds in a Month Step 2 Your diet should consist mainly of green vegetables, post proteins and a small number of fruits.
  • Make salad or hot with broccoli, latuk, green beans, spargia, Brussels cabbage, colour cabbage, selery, cabbage and (or) carrots.
  • Eat your bed squirrels, like chicken, fish, tofu, turkey, eggs and speed. Try to eat squirrels at every meal.
  • Get the sugar out of your diet, salty products and most of the carbs. These products can be used in moderate quantities, but you have to give up them if you try to lose your weight quickly.
Record everything you eat. People who do this tend to worsen more efficiently and not gain weight in contrast to those who do not keep records. You must also record physical exercises and expect how many calories you burn. Follow the calorie consumption during the day and make calculations accordingly.
  • Try using an online calculator and a power magazine.
If possible, prepare houses. It's much easier to eat, if you control the size of the deposits and ingredients that come into your dishes.Изображение с названием Lose 10 Pounds in a Month Step 3 Take lunch with you to school or work, and take the snacks to stay home. It's not only gonna keep your tale, but it'll save you some money!
  • If you eat at home, order a green salad with a squirrel (court or fish) and ask for a gas station to go separately.
  • Don't use pizza, pasta and hot food. Choose the dishes made on a grill or a couple, if possible.
  • Some network restaurants indicate the calority of their menu dishes, which makes it easier for a client to choose.
Don't use calories through drinks. Do you know that some kind of coffee drinks in Starbucks contain 700 calories? Many underestimate the amount of beverages they use. During this month, you only have to drink water, poor tea, black coffee and gas-free water.
  • If necessary, add in beverages milk, soy milk, almond milk or honey.
  • Don't drink alcohol.Изображение с названием Lose 10 Pounds in a Month Step 4 If you decide to drink, have one glass of red or white wine.
Make some replacements. Dieta doesn't mean you have to eat delicious food all the time, but you have to make some replacements to cut unnecessary calories. Consider the following options:
  • Replace the Greek yogurt with the estimate and mayonnaise.
  • Eat the laps of bread, not the usual macaroons and spaghetti.
  • Move to wholesome bread, macaron products and rice.
  • Replace dark chocolate cookies, cakes and other lonelies.
  • Use one fruit for half a day, like apple or banana.
  • Replace the olive, vegetable and cream oil spray.
Do sports every day. To die fast.must conduct intensive aerobic exercises of about 1-2 hours per day. The following are examples of exercises that burn the highest calories:
  • Run. Burned calories per hour: 861-1 286 (at 1, 6 km in 8 minutes).
  • The swimming. Burned calories per hour: 423-632.
  • Jump through the rock. Burned calories per hour: 861-1 286.
  • Runway. Burned calories in an hour: 657-981.
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