Питание для набора мышечной

Power Supply For Mass

Good day, comrades!
I want to tell you today about the right set of muscles.

Accordingly, in order to ensure stable growth of the muscle mass, we need to stimulate the predominance of the anabolic exchange process in the system. Let's see how we can grow muscle.

The whole process of building an athletic figure is based on three basic principles:
- Good practice plan;
- Respect for rest and rehabilitation;
- balanced special food.

If one fails, the result will be far from planned, as only a focused and integrated impact on the organisms to stimulate anabolic process will be successful. Training and leisure planning for mass growth, if your job is to maximize the impact of training, several simple but effective councils need to be followed:

♪ It's not more than four times a week, but more than three times. This number of visits to the gym will allow the optimum load of all muscle groups. There is a widespread misconception that the more frequent physical pressures are, the better the impact will be. In fact, if you're not a professional athlete and you don't accept anabolic steroids, frequent exercises will take you very quickly into a state of diversion and, as a consequence, will cause the dominance of the catabolic process in your system. Which, in turn, will give you much away from achieving the goal of increasing muscle mass. After heavy training, the organism must be able to recover. It is in the process of reconstruction that analogous process occurs and muscles grow.

The length of the training shall be at least 1 hours and not more than 1, 5 hours. If we do less than one hour, the organism won't be able to start anabolic post-training process, and if we have a heavy practice of more than one, five hours, we can't have a muscle fracture. You must sleep at least eight, nine hours a day. This will allow you to rest fully, re-establish and prepare for enhanced work in the room. Chronic fallout, as well as rebranding, is a direct path to muscle disintegration.

♪ Forget isolated exercises, mass set There's no need to develop every single biceps and three chains, it won't give you an increase in muscles, but it'll just ease it.

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