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Диета для набора мышечной массыBut there's one nuance. The point is, there's still a need to take into account (echomoorph or endomorf or mesomoorph). Well, for example, if you're an extomorph (whether thin, bluntly drifting) you can easily add not 500 calories but 1,000 because it's a good thing for him (echomoorph) than an endomorf that starts to raise fat in the calories (and it's a very sad sight).

My advice is that if you're ESTOMORF or MEZOMORF, you can boldly add 1,000 cages or even more (see and decide for yourself), I'd add 500, and then adjust (primarily) towards an increase, because that's the most appropriate solution. And here's the ENDOMOROK (TLTINUK) I'm not recommending a 500-kilometre plan, because you're gonna get fat.

I also recommend that reference be made to " Ectomorph " , " Herdomorph " , " Mesomorf " .

Minor derogation: I strongly recommend that my books be consulted:

Здоровое питание Углеводы — 50-60% белки – 20-30 % жиры – 10-20%Okay, after you've identified the number of calories, you need to find the optimum diet. Optimal ratio of notrients healthy dietincluding for mass recruitment, the percentage of fat, protein and carbs shall be such as:

  • Carbon - 50-60%
  • Protein - 20-30 %
  • fat - 10-20%


Heh (initially this was funny, but now, frankly, sad), generally, when a person has been visiting and attending a gym for a long time and has achieved so much " good results " , comes to study/work, and then comes out of the mouth of the people around him, like, " sam rolling or protein? A lot of people have heard (possibly not hearing) and understand what they're talking about. Now, I want to explain this moment once and for all, making you think it's all bullshit.

Anyway, when you count (if you even do it, because a lot of people are lazy, and for nothing, it's not someone who needs it, but you... think about the number of protein, remember two rules:

  1. The squirrel needs at least 2 grams per day for each WASHEGO WESA KG (and, at all, I recommend that the article = MUSIC SERVICE be studied?)
  2. We're counting only the protein of animal origin or the additives (sport.pit), the vegetable squirrels don't count.
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