Meals For Feeding Mothers

There are so many bans and restrictions on food for the feeding mom, which seems to be nothing to eat. And I want to eat all the time, starvation is beast, because the baby's not happy to drink all the juice out of you. How do you keep your health and your baby? The answer is simple, you have to eat properly and balanced!

When the usual food is subject to restrictions, you have to learn to fill the vitamins. It's not that easy when your favorite fruit begins to be allergic to the baby or to show up in the stomach. So let's figure out what you can eat with breastfeeding without hurting the baby.

What can we eat for feeding moms in the first month?

I'll give you a list of products that can be eaten at the lacation:

  • Dairy products - kefier, rag, cheese;
  • meat - beef, rabbit, turkey;
  • The fish is white fish: syra, picsha, campala, minty, track, hec;
  • Crups - rice, Greek, corn rup, gluten macaroons;
  • Vegetables - white and green vegetables, pumpkin, beep, colour cabbage, broccoli;
  • Fruit - apples of any colour purified, bananas, apricots, hurrahs, bars;
  • beverages - tea, compots, chef chicks;
  • sweets - marmalade, marmelad, zefir, pastilia, hale cookies;
  • olives, maslins.

We've listed what can be boldly eaten by feeding mothers, but not by fanaticism. Don't eat, just eat a little. If you don't know the border between a lot and a little, we'll try to help you with that, answering the most popular questions.

Can I have a lactating mother?

Answer: yes!
This fruit is very useful, it contains many vitamins and micronutrients. Thanks to the large iron content, the crooks help to get rid of the anaemia. One or two sap fruit can be eaten a day. Introducing the furnace feeding diet Mothers start with one quarter of the fruit and not before two weeks after the birth. You'll have to record it in the food journal. If you consider that the Khurm possesses reserving properties, in rare cases it may be allergic.

Can the feeding mother have grenades?

Answer: yes!
The daily use of a grenade will allow Mom to fill the iron deficiency in blood, and to strengthen immunity, thanks to its unique usefulness.
How much can you eat a grenade at the lacation? Start with 10 grains a day and not before the baby goes for one month. Don't forget to celebrate food journal! If allergies are not detected, it can be increased to 100 grams.

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