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That's not surprising.

Official medicine and today does not recognize his illness, however, accepting that the disease does not occur in an empty place and that a very real affliction, such as obedience, has a history.

But everything is in order.

The term " pupils " was introduced by outstanding endocrinologists, who have been watching patients suffering from problems with the caretakers for years.

According to their theory, the patient's system has long developed a curved fatigue before there's a renowned insufficiency, which therapists are trying to fight. And there are many unpleasant symptoms of the previous state being ignored, writing off the symptoms of other diseases.

This is fundamentally incorrect, because not recognizing the fatigue of the caretakers, doctors are not giving patients a chance to prevent the disease. This article aims to bring to every person the causes of the fatigue of the kidneys and to report the symptoms that indicate the existence of the syndrome.

Why would a kidney body

First of all, the function of this small ferry body directly above the kidneys should be described.

Another 130 years ago, scientists didn't know anything about the endocrine system, but because they thought this small ferry body over each pile was something completely insignificant and unnecessary. Today, any doctor knows that the caretakers are an indispensable mechanism for our organism and one of the essential parts of the endocrine system.

It turns out that the kidnappers produce vital hormones, such as cortisol, adrenaline and DGEA, aldosterone and testosterone, which are responsible for immunity, support the work of the heart and help to preserve energy, regulate the water-solid balance in the organism and control sexual functions.

The organ consists of two structures, the brain and crust. The brain produces adrenaline and noradrenalin, which increase blood pressure, enhances the exchange of substances, stimulates the respiratory system and regulates glucose levels in blood. In turn, the crustacea produces corticosteroids that participate in synthesis of proteins and the strengthening of immunity, recycle glucose in tissues and act against inflammatory action. Men ' s and women ' s sex hormones are synthesized, not only responsible for secondary sexuality, but they also normalize sexual activity.

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