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Diet Body

The drying for both girls and men is one: maximum fatal discharge. How do you make it faster? Let's figure it out!

Remember, the drying is the final stage of the dehumiliation, and it's quite awkward and complicated. If you've got another 5 to 10 kilograms of red weight, it's just pointless to have a dryer. First you'll lose it in the usual way.

The body cushion means a rigid diet and a special lifestyle. Therefore, girls, like men, are not encouraged to do more than twice a year. Otherwise, you can just hurt your substance exchange!

In order to avoid girls ' skin fragmentation, food on the dryer must be combined with quality physical exercises.

How do you eat during training?

Two hours before, and one and a half hours after training, you should refrain from taking any food! So you're gonna make sure that your organism is spending energy from the fat stocks.

How's the drying going?

The body cushion for girls must be broken into three stages. The recommended time for a smooth but quality dryer is three months! Your goal is to scrupulously and gradually abandon simple carbs.

In the first stage, carbonaceous products can be eaten before 12:00, followed by only proteins and slow vegetable carbs.

The second stage is pre-developing and carbon volumes should be further reduced. And the proteins are the opposite of growing.

The third stage is the most difficult, 2-3 weeks.

Body drying for girls, menu

The food on a girl's dryer is pretty strict, especially in recent weeks.

What should be deleted:

  • All sweet.
  • It's all abnormal.
  • Live fats
  • Hot, smoked
  • Conserved

Basic menu (for girls) on the dryer

This can be eaten at any time during drying in unlimited quantities:

  • Egg white, whatever. You can't eat a stomach.
  • Chicken fist (grunt): welded, couple, wrapped.
  • The calmar file.
  • File of non-fish white fish, boiled, welded, a couple.
  • Throat
  • Beef.
  • Marines
  • Kefir.
  • Ogurans, tomatoes
  • Cabbage, green.

Cut it out.

As of the first stage, salt should be restricted and salt should be virtually eliminated in the second and third phase. The numbers of salt from the vegetable in the fox are enough for the normal functioning of the human body!

The use of fat also needs to be reduced. You can leave two sheets of olive, lung or other vegetable oil a day.

So we can't find out. So what can we eat on a dryer?

The menu in bolding mode consists of protein products: chicken breast, turkey meat, figs of any non-fish fish, squirrel eggs, beans, beans.

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