Питание для набора мышечной

Catering For Mouse Mass

Good evening, dear.
Build a new diet to set up muscle mass and decided to share some information on the right nutrition, diet, special diet to degrade specific areas.
First of all, and the most basic I don't recognize any diet! This is bullshit! Myth and marketing.
I recognize the right balanced meal, with enough protein, fat, carbs, vitamins to feel beautiful, healthy and sad. Nutrition shall not be bound or prison, but shall be a way of life
Secondly, there is one set of products for worsening, maintaining weight and a set of muscles,
This set includes: rupees, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, dairy products. NO! For different purposes, different doses, different times of acceptance. I don't believe I'm eating the same as you, even though I'm on a mass set, but it's just a lot more.
Thirdly, many dietologists or coaches in their social networks write that you can eat anything you want in the morning. I can agree, but I'm not sure my trustees can count the doses and not eat one candy-ten instead. Because the delicious thing is such a thing, it's hard to stop and keep it in hand. So I recommend my food six to one. Six clean days, and one day a week, you can afford a tasty one, in which case there will be no harm to your figure, maybe even good. But you need to know the same thing.
Fourthly, I recommend that calories be considered a special calorie compendium. Because sometimes it seems like you've eaten a little bit, and you don't really notice how to eat your day-to-day rule, or you're not eating too much. That's how you can stop or slow down the process of deterioration. So who has a wish, my girls, write to me, and I'll tell you the calorie of your diet.
In conclusion, if you want to lose weight, but you don't know anything about the right meals, you'll be looking for a specialist to write your diet.

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