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Training And Nutrition For Deterioration

Kak pitat'sja chtoby pohudet' v trenazhernom zaleWomen get used to catching up with their imaginary views. If this doesn't happen, self-esteem and mood are falling rapidly, there's a desire to clean up immediately. The first step on the way to a stretched body is a regular visit to the gym. But it does not guarantee the perfect result and the effective reduction of weight.Kak pitat'sja chtoby pohudet' v trenazhernom zale It's important to know how to eat to lose weight in the gym and not to harm your health. Purchase of food needs to be carefully weighed for and against.

These rules are not taken from popular literature, as a result of joint labor of dietologists and coaches who have considerable experience in developing such nutritional constraints.

In the fight for a hard figure

In the gym, we need to make proteins a basic component of nutrition. In order not to be a voice, it's worth a specific example.Kak pitat'sja chtoby pohudet' v trenazhernom zale If there are intensive exercises at least three times a week without increasing the percentage of protein in its nutrient feeding, the loss of body mass will still be noticeable.

At sports loads, this is due to the loss of muscle squirrel. This means that the appearance of a beautiful woman will remind the skinny lady of the post-Balzak age. There are no epiderm layer characteristics, such as elasticity and ulcerity. Such a result would satisfy the minimum number of women of different ages and would not be an assistant in the struggle for men ' s attention.

What products contain proteins

The high protein content should be regularized and increased gradually. The menu produces saturated proteins with low fatty (but it should not be zero):

  • creativity, kefier (for those with special petite related to acidol products);
  • eggs (in " clean " , not as a part of sweet calorie baking);
  • milk and yogurt based on it (most domestic production to protect the organism from preservatives and emulgators);
  • Solid cheese is an excellent product for mild breakfast or snack, with no fat oil spill on a bulb;
  • Diet meat - chicken, rabbit or sang;
  • Fish and seafood which can be wheat or wheat with minimum salt content and attribution;

All these products can be combined with vegetables, fruits and useful beverages.

Kak pitat'sja chtoby pohudet' v trenazhernom zale Kak pitat'sja chtoby pohudet' v trenazhernom zale Kak pitat'sja chtoby pohudet' v trenazhernom zale Kak pitat'sja chtoby pohudet' v trenazhernom zale
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