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Rational Mode For Deterioration

- I know there's only a little to eat. But what exactly would it look like to have a proper diet in the course of the day if you had a purpose to lose?

Режим питания для похудения

The answer to this relevant question has long been examined by Dr. S. P. Semenov. Regrettably, dietologists rarely take into account in their recommendations the per diem of organism ' s needs for construction substances and energy. There's not a lot of people who know exactly how to use these changes in their diet to effectively deteriorate.

To eat for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, to lose weight.

A lot of people intuitively feel that the meat food is inappropriate in the morning. Intuition doesn't lie to you. It is known that the repair and updating of body tissues occurs mainly at night. We don't need proteins this afternoon. A man spends little energy at night, and the main energy costs are spent on daytime.

The lion ' s share of nutrients produced by the organism during the day - " burns " to obtain the necessary energy. The most pure " burn " carbs, and the fats and proteins in the oxidation process are heavily " digt " . This " dig " , intermediate metabolism of fat and protein, can overload liver, deteriorate overall work capacity, hinder brain work, and thus prevent deterioration.

The squirrel, eaten in the morning, is spent primarily on energy needs because it cannot be postponed. And then the dried with the squirrel of carbs and fats can be postponed, causing the fat type of energy. So use the squirrel in your diet in the morning is not necessary.

Well, if you eat hot potatoes or macaron before you sleep, you'll all have to wait for an extra fat store... The unused energy in the night is in the fat!

Right nutritional status for deterioration

Products rich in coals are better used in the morning and for lunch and protein for dinner (no later than 3-3, 5 hours before sleep). Your regime won't hurt if you drink a cup of kefira for the night and (or) eat some fruit.

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