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Principal Rules Of Deterioration

pit9.jpgInstead of putting another dietary experiment on your own body in the hope of losing weight, would it be better to listen to professional advice? Here are a few verified facts based on scientific research that will truly help to worsen.

One of the fundamental axioms of dietology states that 0,5 kg of excess weight contains 3,500 calories. Consequently, I don't know. For 500 g, those 3500 calories need to be spent - reducing diet, increasing physical activity or both. At first, it's very simple. Here are a few practical advices or major rules of deterioration.

Don't eat an eye.

Studies indicate that we are inclined to lower the number of eaters. First, because we simply don't see any extra fat, like mayonnaise in the salad, but secondly, don't know how many calories contain a spoon of sauce or vegetable oil. That's why we need to use a nasty spoon to make food and for a while, let's say a week, record everything you ate in the diary in a day. So you'll have a clear picture of your diet.

Eat what you like.

Someone can't start a day without two cups of solid coffee, and someone hates cheese broccoli. If you try to eat healthy but unloved products, it won't last long. "A lot of women are trying to follow the diet without taking into account their personal gastronomy," said by Robert Kouchner, a specialist diatheologist from the Chicago Wellness Institute. - The result will be better if you try to bring the principles of healthy food to your own habits as close as possible."

The more muscles, the less weight

The smaller your muscle mass, the less you can eat. "He who has strong muscles will burn more calories in the day than the one whose muscles are weak," says the author of the "Stiff Women remain Strive" book, Miriam Nelson. Efficient ways to create beautiful muscles - power training on the trainers and the gangsters, as well as pilates.

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