Питание при занятиях фитнесом

Feeding For Decomposition

Как правильно питаться при занятиях фитнесомIt's impossible to separate the right meals and the fitness from each other if you want your body to be stiff and beautiful. Only together, they will help you to get rid of the excess weight and quickly achieve the target.

Main cause of fat accumulation - it's a habit of eating regularly. Many of us are eating only twice a day, not breakfast. As a result, there are huge blood sugars, resulting in various problems. Drinking irregularly, our organism doesn't know when the food comes next time, and it's safe to build stocks on a black day in the form of fat decoration. The substance exchange is starting to slow down, and we're floating.

  1. Take meals five times a day or every 3 hours if you want to drop the weight, and six to eight times or every 2 hours if you want to get a weight. At the same time, one meal must contain 300 to 400 calories (to calculate your calories, use the calculator ' s daily calorium, and to calculate the caloricity of the products - the calories.
  2. Never miss breakfast! Dinner needs to be done, too, but you can't eat tonight, and only fresh vegetables and protein products will come from the products. For example, the salad from fresh vegetables and dehydrated creator (or venom egg white) will be the perfect dinner that will not become fat.
  3. Eat exactly 1, 5-2 hours before practice, food must contain slow carbs, proteins, fats. If you want to lose weight, you don't eat two hours of carbs after the fitness, you can only eat white food. And if you want to build muscles, you'll have to eat at least two hours after training and squirrels and carbs. You can eat any fruit or non-fish yogurt or protein cocktail immediately after training. But don't eat fat after two hours of practice!
  4. Use a sufficient number of non-fish protein during the day. For a woman, the number of protein meals for one reception should be placed in one loin. Best sources of protein: non-fish creat, yogurt, tofu, soy meat, fish, and vegetables and fruit (midors, cucumbers, peppers, spinate, salad, broccoli, colour cabbage, oranges, bananas, etc.)
  5. Eat a lot of fruit (but if you're thinning, fruit is better limited) and vegetables. The calorium of non-criminal vegetables may be disregarded in the calculation of the calority of your daily diet, as the organism spends more calories when resettled than it gets.
  6. Introduce in your diet useful fats (mononose and polyenasy) that are contained in nuts, wheat, olive butter, avocados, ln seeds, replacing them with non-useous (high fat acid foods) that are contained in meat, sal, eggs, fat milk products, coconuts.
  7. Drink at least 2 litres of water during the day. Remove sugar-containing drinks.
  8. Remove from low nutrient products as well as semi-finished products and processed products. Use fresh natural and organic food.
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