похудение на правильном

Deterioration On The Right Nutrition

This misconception is old as the world. In modern times, there's life after 6:00, not only possible but necessary. A lot of people are going to sleep later than our ancestors did. Heading can negatively affect health. What's true is that you shouldn't eat three hours before sleep. And dinner should be easy.

Meth No. 2. Lives are harmful to the organism.

Giras think it's very bad for shape and health, but it's not exactly true. Without them, there is no proper exchange of substances. Without fat, vitamins are not absorbed in the system, A and E, sex hormones are almost stopped. With a lack of fat, leather grows rapidly and liver suffering. So oil, especially vegetable oil, needs to be limited, but not abandoned at all. It's best to have fewer products containing hidden and not always useful fats: sausage, mayonnaise, liver, cake.

Myth No. 3. Dinner is bad.

Diners are a necessity. Every person who cares for health should periodically replenish energy supplies. Only these meals should be balanced. For example, we can eat nuts or fruit.

Myth No. 4. All organic products are useful

Products that have in packages the word " organika " (i.e., manufactured without the use of GMOs, pesticides, various food additives) are often different from their usual analogs. Well, if it's more expensive than that.

Myth No. 5. Don't use carbs.

Carbons are simple and complex. The former should really be reduced in their diet. They are contained in sugar, candy products, chocolate, honey, cookie, sweet fruit and drinks, white bread and potatoes. The second one needs to be used by those who try. eat properly.♪ Exactly, there's more to eat, beans, berries, vegetables, greens.

Myth No. 6. Vegetables and fruit lose all their useful properties in freezing

Modern freezing technologies preserve virtually all useful substances. This is particularly relevant for the winter of the year.

Myth No. 7. Dividing food helps to lose

That's not true. A set of enzymes that produce stomachs and pancreas allows for the simultaneous conversion of proteins, fats and carbs. So far, there is no scientific evidence that separate food helps to fight overweight. People who choose this method of degrading are most likely to simply pick products, reduce calorium and thus lose weight.
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