Калькулятор похудения

Damage Calculator

Compilation of calculators for the calculation of individual weights, daily calorie and others will help you to better understand yourself and identify personal deterioration targets.

Calculators section He would welcome a simple, understandable course of action and detailed results. There are many formulas for calculating the body mass index, daily standards Requirements for calories for worsening or keeping weight. Self-accounting takes time and requires attention. How many different calculations did you meet on the Internet? They often give different meanings, and in that diversity of information, it's easy to confuse.

The calculators of this section have been developed by experts with foreign medical education and are presented on our website. All results take into account personal characteristics, give you personal meanings. Age, gender, weight, growth and a number of other indicators are the necessary data to build a personal deterioration plan. We are all different, so we need different approaches in shaping the diet, selecting the physical loads and exercises for motivation. In addition, the calculators will provide you not only with the results of the calculation, but also with an assessment of it, as well as with recommendations for further action. Only the only way to have the right knowledge is to use the tools that are based on scientific findings, are pushed away from individual physiology, taking into account all the necessary criteria.

The section was designed to carefully collect all existing science and medicine data. If you enter real field data, you'll get results with recommendations you can trust.

The convenience of using site calculators is that you receive a letter of information to your post and, if necessary, can contact him at any time, and retrace them in a while and compare progress.

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