Пирамида здорового питания

Pyramid Of Healthy Food

Petr Semenenko



Пирамида ЗдоровьяPyramids have successfully illustrated the useful food ratio in the daily diet. Studies have shown that the graphic image of Pyramids Great Petey (see Figure) is easily understood. However, while in most countries the pyramid image remains unchanged, China and Korea use the pagoda pattern, in Canada, rainbow, the United Kingdom and Mexico opted for a plate, and Australia, Sweden and parts of European countries adopted a sectoral chart. Anturacies are changing, but the concept remains inexorable: cereals, vegetables and fruit prevail in healthy diet, meat and dairy products are reduced and fat and sweets are limited.

Using a pyramid, you can track the calories you get. Perhaps you overload your day-to-day diet from the top floor of the pyramid, ignore the crups, vegetables and fruit.

Food containing many fat and sugar has been given a modest place at the top of the pyramid. Keep in mind that fat and sugar are inevitably present in other groups. Therefore, by planning a diet to reduce the mass of the body, you must consider the amount of fat and sugar in all products.


Lives, oils and sweets are rare.
Milk, yogurts, cheese - 2 - 3 p.m. (for the portions see below)
Meat, bird, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, 2-3.
Vegetables are 3-5.

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