продукты для здоровых волос

Nutrition For Healthy Hair

Питание для волос крайне необходимо. Но стоит помнить, что основной источник полезных веществ для здоровья волос — это отнюдь не шампуни и средства по уходу, а продукты, которые вы едите в течение дня.Text: Olga Kim

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Puffy, thick, beautiful blondes - what girl doesn't dream of them? In advertising all kinds of shampoo and care, we often hear the phrase " drink for your hair " . Cosmetic care is certainly important, but the real use is not in shampoo or balsam but above all in your plate.

  • Correct food For hair, rich in vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants, can significantly improve the skin condition of your head and hair, transforming your appearance as well as your experienced stylist.

Hair power: Why do you need it?

Steel It's so important that what we eat depends on their condition. If there's a problem, you should think about changing the food system, but it's important to remember that, it doesn't have an impact. It takes time, and therefore patience. By changing the diet, we must first wait for the useful substances to survive in the system and then, in a month, they will have a positive impact on us.

It's important to classify your problem (or problems), depending on what needs to be eaten. Okay, if the hair's naughty and lost its color, the problem is a zinc deficit. Out? No iron. Sede? No, you're not getting older. You can sit down from a lack of copper in the system.

Everyone knows that our food organisms have the necessary elements - proteins, fats and coals, as well as minerals and vitamins. The Squirrels are the organic building of our locoons, based on their structure. They are contained in animal food (mice and fish) and bean and soy. Unsolved fats are the source of skin cells. Carbon extracts slags and toxins, which, in turn, helps our horses acquire glitter and elasticity.

Diet for healthy hair: "food your hair right!

If you notice something's wrong with your hair, you should think about what you're eating and what you miss.

Now, if you're too fat, you're gonna have to give up all the heat and fat, you'd better go to chicken or turkey, fish, vegetables and eggs. Vitamin B, which is contained in colour cabbage, broccoli and beans, is also helping.

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