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Healthy Nutrition

♪ Our organization has been in existence since 2013, the main objective of the Association is to ensure the full quality and safety of food in the social sphere in Moscow and Moscow, as well as to coordinate the business activities of its members in the areas of food and nutrition. The idea of establishing a self-regulated organization that united one-dimensional enterprises had long emerged, which was entirely linked to the demand for food. In order to protect customers and end-users and to prevent the emergence of non-core partners, the Association monitors the business activities of members to comply with the Association ' s requirements, standards and regulations. To this end, the Association has a supervisory committee. In addition, we are working closely with the inspection bodies of Moscow (Consumption Watch, MosgIC), which has repeatedly improved the efficiency of the production controls of enterprises.

In joining the PRA, the organization has the opportunity to influence the activities of the Association, to receive quality, professional and legal support, advice and assistance in the development of a production control plan, to participate in the development of an industry concept and strategy, to be assisted in confirming the conformity of services and many others. To date, the Association has more than four dozen organizations that have serious experience, work in good faith and have a well-deserved reputation. Many of them have awards from the Government of Moscow and thankful letters from the city ' s social institutions.

The main consumers of the services provided by members of the Association are institutions under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Department of Health of Moscow, more than 70 institutions and the Department of Social Protection of the Population, over 100.

Dmitri Valerjevic, role healthy diet It is difficult to overemphasize when this is about saving human health. How much of your interaction with health care?

♪ Nutrition in treatment and prevention is a vital and integral part of the treatment process. In 2014, our partner ' s representatives were included in the Interdepartmental Commission on the Management of Diet (Central and Preventive) Nutrition in the Public Health System of the capital. The Commission was attended by representatives of the Moscow Health Department, supervisory bodies, medical diathelogs. Joint work provides an opportunity to harmonize diet management requirements, standardize the daily average food set and the seven-day menu, control the provision of meals in metropolitan hospitals.

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