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Disaggregated as a result of the loss of power, exhaustion and sleeplessness, which has become the true beach of the Megapolis, together with Anton Rodionov, a doctor of cardiologist therapy, a candidate for medical sciences, a gradient of PIMU IM. Sechenova.

Almost every day in the social media, complaints about bad weather and bad feelings are fatigue, sonicism, weakness. People sigh, they say, they don't work, they don't want to lay down on the floor, they're gonna open the sheets and spend the rest of the day like that. What kind of attack is that? Meteos dependency?

I quote one of my teachers who told us at the time of my student: " Never give up the bad feelings of your patients for age and weather. " Meteo-sensitivity is a myth that was inspired in the 1990s and is still very active in journalism. In fact, people don't feel bad about weather, but because of some illness, sometimes obvious, sometimes not very good.

When they try to convince me that there is a meteopathy again, I always suggest that you call me the specific physical factor that can affect my feelings. The atmospheric pressure does not clearly apply to them because when it changes from the " clear " point to the " beam " , this fall may be between 40 and 50 mm of the mercury column. For Moscow, for example, the normal average atmospheric pressure is 748 mm of the mercury column. 760 mm is a very clear, magnificent weather, 710-720 mm is a disgusting weather, cyclone. As we can see, it's pretty small.

When we fly on a plane (and on fixed-wing aircraft almost all) at a altitude of 9,500 to 11,000 metres (this is the normal altitude of civil aviation flights), the pressure in the aircraft ' s salon may reach 150 mm of the mercury column, which corresponds to a rise of 2000 to 2,500 metres. Nothing bad happens to anyone. Even such a diversion of atmospheric pressure, people are perfectly well transported. This is just one example.

Then what does it have to do with the worsening of self-esteem in the unnatural weather?

First, when we assess the weather, first of all, we look, there's sun on the sky or no. The sun is good. The sun's gone, it's pasturous, the rain's coming, the mood's bad. I don't know if you can call it a meteopathy. Rather, it's our emotional attitude to the weather.

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