Режим питания на каждый день

Good Meals A Day

The best gift you can make for New Year is not to postpone tomorrow what needs to be done today. So, in front of you, the superplane you can bring the body into the perfect shape of 21 days.

First week

WH experts are unanimous in their opinion: there is no more healthy and effective way to drop extra kilograms and pull muscles than a combination of correct nutritionphysical activity and discipline. What about the miracle pills? Ask the sick kidneys for the poor who believed in drugs. Maybe it's just a month to wait. Yeah, and becoming a nervously exhausted lady with slow metabolism and the only need for an organism to keep fat in any way, even from carrots. Everything with the prelude is over. It's time.

Nutrition plan

Your job is: Not to give up food in the name of stringency, but to create a power system that will accelerate the exchange of the organism and help the body burn extra fat and build muscles.

The rationale shall be based on: Chicken, turkey, lean red meat + fish, avocado, olive oil + eggs and dairy products + fruit, vegetables and green + wholesale products + natural special and buckle + clean non-gasy water.

Prohibited: All kinds of canned products + gas drinks (including water) + alcohol + cop, salt and heat products + refined sugar and white flour + coffee sources (coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate).

Try to eat as much fresh as possible, untreated vegetables and fruits; the most appropriate way to produce meat, fish and garrier is to bait and bark.

Example of menu

What's important is diversity! The menu offered here every week is just examples of how to combine the products. You can choose from three lists the favoured dishes and turn them at your discretion, or you can come up with your own options, taking into account the recommended calorie of each meal, or you can look into the section of the flat belly Day and pick something up there.


  • 200 g ovine with dry fruit; 2⁄4 glass of low fatty milk; fruit
  • or 2 wholesale toast; 30 g cheese; walnut egg; fruit
  • or 150 - 200 g copper creativity; 30 g nuts; fresh juice


  • Lemon juice and olive oil refilling salad; hot sandwich (target bread, green, chicken breast, soft cheese);
  • or salad with bulgur, chicken breast, worm tomatoes and gasoline; fruit
  • or a sonoser bread, semego, avocado and rabbit sandwich; natural yogurt
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