кожи: диета для здоровья и

Diet For Health

In concept “10 steps towards healthy nutrition” There is nothing sensational about the proposed scholars of the State Centre for Preventive Medicine Research, the Ministry of Nutrition of RAMO and the Moscow Regional Cardiological Centre. However, if adopted, the principles laid down in it will help any of us not only normalize our weight, but also preserve their health and well-being for long years.

Step one

There is no product that could provide our organism with all the necessary substances. Exception of women ' s breast milk, which replaces the child with all other products up to six months. The food, the scientists insist, must be as diverse as possible. Ad hoc diet is possible only on the recommendation of a doctor.

Step two

Bread, dishes and corn and macaron products, potatoes are worth eating several times a day, every meal. More than half of the daily subsistence allowance diet These products should be covered.

Scientists disagree with the widely accepted view that these products are only a source of energy and carbon. They also contain many other substances necessary for health: food fibres, mineral compounds, vitamins of groups B and C.

In the opinion of scientists, it is erroneous that these products contribute to the accumulation of fat. In fact, the energy content in the edge is much smaller than in the same amount of fat or alcohol. Most people recommend eating more bread, better blacks, and out of rough belts.

Step three

Multiple fruits and vegetables need to be used several times a day, more than 400 grams additional to the potato. The consumption of vegetables should exceed fruit consumption. Vegetables and fruit are sources of antioxidants, folic acid, iron, vitamins and minerals, which reduce the risk of increased pressure, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

Step 4

Milk and milk products with low fat and salt content (kefir, acid milk, cheese, yogurt) should be consumed daily. Children, adolescents and women are particularly in need of dairy products.

If people do not use dairy products, they should include in the diet other rich calcium products - fish (sardines, salmons), dark green leaf vegetables.

Step 5

Meat and meat products with high fat content should be replaced by bean, fish, bird or non-fish meat. Meat, fish or birds must be small. The number of meat products such as sausages, sausages, pests should be limited.

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