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Curricula Recipe For A Week

1. A low-calorium lazy for lunch!
100grams - 100.26 kcalB/G/U - 9.06/3.54/8.28

Chicken fist - 500 g
Championes - 500 g
Lavas (ton) - 1st
Luk - 2nd
Milk 1-1 st
Muka - 1st l
Frequency - 50 g
For the recipe, thank you to the group of dietary prescriptions.

The mushrooms are roasted with the onion, sodium perch (not much)
In the form of tuition and in the layers:
Lavas, then porch. Once again, the lavas, the mushrooms, the lavas and the next worm.
We're making milk sauce: we're smashing in milk, adding salt to the boiling, taking off the fire, sauce is to be thick, pouring this Lazany mixture, pouring cheese and putting 30-40 min in the oven to the cranny crust.
The mushrooms can be replaced by tomatoes or add tomatoes. Who cares.

2. Furched pepper: super-bed!
100grams - 66.4 kcalB/G/U - 9.19/1.61/3.3

Bulgarian pepper - 600 g
Chicken File 400 g
Pomidor - 3
Yogurt natural - 50 g
Leak green and corn - 10 g
Pig 100 g
Species - taste
Salt, pepper - taste
For the recipe, thank you to the group of dietary prescriptions.

First, we'll clean the peppers from the inside. For fixing, we need to cut chicken chips with small pieces, approximately 1x1 cm. It'll make it easier to put a porch in the peppers. Separate tomatoes. First of all, we need to separate the skirt. To get water and put tomatoes in it for about a minute. Then we take out the tomatoes, they're fast-tracking and it's very easy to take off the skin. Lower already purified tomatoes on small cubes, about 0, 5x0, 5 cm. Separately cut a green onion and a pet. Now we have to mix the whole peach together. So we mix the cut chicken chips, cut tomatoes and greens. We add salt, pepper and extra taste. We'll add 2-3 yogurt without additives. We're all scrutinizing. Now we're gonna have a chicken in the pepper. We're putting a ready-to-be with a chicken. We'll be 20 minutes in the hot oven for 180 to 200 degrees. After 20 minutes, we'll get the vintage and we'll put every pepper in the cheese. We'll be ten more minutes, waiting for the cheese to melt up and form a crust.

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