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Catering Secrets

Кэрол Гаучи(4) It's important to drink a lot of fluids! The feet of the red malina, the chandeliers, the snoring, and the ovary straw recommend all their pregnant. Fresh juice and at least 2-3 liters of water per day (possible to add lemon juice if desired) increase blood. It's very important during pregnancy!

(5) Try to eat slowly, chew well, and don't change.♪ If you're seldom hungry, even if you haven't eaten long enough, or you get a lot of pressure, don't worry. This condition may be caused by too low blood sugar (hypocarbonemia). Small but frequent tastes of quality products, usually containing carbs (fructs, vegetables, crups, beans, bread from rude belts, etc.) will help you solve this problem. I want you to avoid a blank stomach, it helps with the nausea. For slow digestation, choose complex carbs (sweet sweet potatoes, breads and crucifiers of rough belt without additives). Excessive vomit is not very good for the child's health. If an increase in the dietary fluid and a high-quality protein does not help, consult the doctor. Try to eat something when you get up at night to go to the bathroom. The daily standard for you is approximately 2400-2600 calories and 70-90 grams of protein (in twins more). Fresh organic vegetables, especially dark green vegetables, and all green, plus organic fresh fruit (but not more than 1-2 st/day) should be the basis of your diet!

(6) Remember diversity! Changing the diet too fast is not the best option. Try to include new food habits gradually and step back where necessary. If you want, I can help you develop your individual, taking into account your "metabolic profile" in my online course, just text me in our secret group on the facebook.

питание беременной(7) Be careful by adding new and useful products to your diet, which was " victorious " before. If we hurry, there will be an excessive amount of slide in the system, which may cause malnutrition and digestive problems.

8) If you're still planning a pregnancy, take care of the purification of the system! Think of which of the options is best suited to you and take a course of purification or famine under the leadership of a specialist. Important: in no case, do not starve or clean during pregnancy or breastfeeding (then all toxins give the child)!

9) Every woman and pregnancy are unique! Don't try to do what they say. Carefully examine all the recommendations, but apply them on the basis of your “norma” and your identity.

(10) Fresh air and deep breath! It's also a drink! Be more open, especially if you have headaches (more diets and walks usually solve the problem). The way you feel at the beginning of your pregnancy is usually very different from how you feel at the end. Change your habits in food and life to a healthy one, and you won't regret: Intellectual, spiritual and emotional " food " is also very important!

If you have any questions about my recommendations, please don't be ashamed to ask! I'm studying the question. healthy diet For more than 45 years and I have something to tell you:

See you later!

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