чем нужно питаться

What You Need To Eat To Lose

The main ways of treating excess weight and obesity include respect for high-volume diet, vitamins and other biologically active components, limit the use of carbs, and physical exercises.

The dietary table No. 8 recommended for obesity is aimed specifically at reducing the subcutaneous fat cells and improving the exchange of substances. We note that the diet is shown to patients who do not have concomitant diseases of the digestive, liver and cardiovascular systems requiring special nutritional regimes.


The total calority of the diet is 1,800 kilocalories. The diet is designed for people who are low-mobile of lifeHowever, in combination with increased physical activity, this type of diet will cause 2-2.5 kg per month.

The main focus of this diet is on limiting the consumption of sugar and products containing, containing, fast-growing carbons, animal fats, and products that trigger appetites.

The maximum number of salts is 5 grams a day, drinking up to 1 litre of clean water. Dry butter is not prohibited, but it's limited porn to 15 g/day. The food adds vegetable oil. The consumption of flour products is limited to 150 g per day, but if the weight is long, the amount of bread and other flour products is reduced to 100 grams.

For cooking, we can use barracks, emplacement, carnage, cooking for a couple, and furnaces are sometimes allowed without adding fat.

We need at least five to six times a day.

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