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How To Eat To Lose Weight

Kak pravilno pitatsja chtoby pohudetA healthy way of life, involving weight control, increasingly covers the masses, the total adverting of useful products makes us comfortable with changing habitual diet. How do you eat properly to lose weight? Let's figure this out.

Basic nutrition principles

At different stages, the opals were exposed to different products: potatoes, meat, sugar, soya, corn, we were taught to believe that they were the ones that caused obesity.

Dietologists recommend that products not be excluded, but that they be reduced. The golden rule of steady deterioration is the reduction of the calorium of the diet, while the engine activity has increased simultaneously. Simply put, the energy value of food should be less energy-consuming.

By limiting itself to nutrition, it is worth remembering that the diet should combine the optimal number of bed proteins, useful fats (this category includes vegetable oils, fish fats), complex carbs and vitamins and minerals.

Dietologists recommend that special attention be paid to the vitamin-miner complex during the deterioration. Limited food does not allow the body to be fully saturated by valuable elements, but without them the normal functioning of the bodies and systems of the body may not be desired.

Rational food for deterioration

Carbon plays a huge role in the right food. They cannot be denied in full and unconditional terms. Not all the carbs give us extra weight. Dietologists caution against the use of " quick " sugars - the organism absorbs them almost immediately, so saturation does not occur. In the face of severe diet calorie control, such carbs do not facilitate, but cause disturbance.

On the contrary, the " melted " carbs are long-lasting, respectively. On average, it's enough for two carbs per day.

This nutritional element in coughs (more to be deleted) and in vegetables and fruits shall be maintained. The use of macaroons from dark flour, liver without oil and salt, whole grain bread and rice, oat, greasy or rustless bread. It's a good thing to use this food in the morning, so it won't be an appetite by night.

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