Как правильно питаться, чтобы

How To Eat To Lose The Menu

How many pills and herbs are dried, diet tested, and the result is almost zero. Know? Probably! Yet many forget that not all methods that have been effective for the same will be as effective for others.

But you don't have to back off! In fact, there is a simple method to combat overweight, which does not necessarily exclude itself from favoured products. It's called the method, the right food.

Someone's gonna say how much you can write about it. But we're telling you, this time, there's no such thing as the basic principles of good nutrition and just for worsening.

We'll talk about the mistakes first. The most common thing being done by people trying to get rid of extra kilograms is hunger♪ No, of course, at first time, they have a chance to lose weight, but in time he comes back. This is because a balanced diet is not respected.

So, first, we'll look at simple principles of proper nutrition, and then a few dietary menus for a week's deterioration.

Main Good nutrition principles for worsening

Balanced management♪ First of all, the daily dose of proteins, fats and carbs shall correspond to the standard of between 30 and 40 g protein and between 25 and 35 g fat.

Hold your plates. Separate the contents of the plates in 3 parts: 50 per cent are vegetables and greens, 25 per cent are complex carbs (e.g. ruptures or beans) and the remaining 25 per cent are proteins (fish, meat, sea products).

The right combination of products. For rapid deterioration, consideration should be given to the capture and combination of useful products - for example, the use of carrots with estimates, red fish with vegetable oil, etc.

If you're hungry, you're thirsty. Sometimes when you want to eat, your body really wants to drink. To distinguish hunger and thirst, drink a glass of water if you don't get hungry, you can eat.

Dismiss the semi-finishers and fastfood, they contain too many carcinogenic substances, so prepare yourself. So at least you'll be sure of the contents of your dietary menu.

Tightly burn the food, about 40 times, because it helps her better learning, forget the habit of eating.

Don't miss breakfast, the first meal must take place within an hour of awakening, because the energy is spreading in the body even in the sleep.

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