как правильно питаться чтобы

How To Eat Properly To Lose Quickly

How to eat properly to lose, the Dietologists of the French magazine, Marie Claire, have prepared extensive material about what is the right deformation and how to feed to drop extra kilos.

It's not just Russian women, but French women. Specially for those who want to learn to feed properly, the Marie Claire Dietologists have prepared a detailed material on the deterioration, excerpts from which we bring your attention.

Как нужно правильно питаться, чтобы быстро похудеть

The rules are how to eat properly so you can die quickly.

1. First rule correct diet for deterioration - there's more, but less. For example, halve your breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but add an 11-hour lunch and a half-day. You can eat an apple in lunch, a half-day drink a glass of juice or a kefira.

2. The right diet for those who want to learn to eat to die must be half vegetables, one quarter of protein (mass) and one quarter of cereals (crows).

3. If you want to lose it, you'll eat in peace. Any, the most useful food is gone, won't saturate if you eat it on the move (as an option, watching TV, reading a magazine or a newspaper). Dietologists counted-- when a man's brain is disconnected from the food process, he doesn't allow the stomach to produce the necessary quantities for a full meal, plus you can eat twice as much as the required standard. Also, anyone who's looking for a good diet to lose, we're suggesting that this experiment take a minute, put down a knife and a fork, and just sit there for the same time. We assure you, it will reduce appetite. Thus, food for deterioration is needed in a comfortable and calm atmosphere.

4. It's good to eat to lose, which means removing from their diet harmful products that can't be lost in principle because of high calories and transgenic fats. More detailed, our reporter spoke about this subject in special material. Harmful products - delete to lose weight

5. And vice versa, include in your menu products that will allow you to eat deliciously and thin. This is, above all, protein food (meat, fish, seafood) on which very popular diets are built, cream, white, fish, Dukan. To lose weight, combine it with vegetables, such food will be healthy, strong and small.

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