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How To Eat Properly In Training To Lose Weight

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Power trainers, braces and rogues often frighten most of the women of the fine sex: many women feel that the force training will take their feminine. Suddenly the shoulders become wide, the chains are huge, and the gentle neck is "bother" and then what?

Fortunately, all these myths. Powerful training for women, if it is literate and regular, will help to make the talium thin, hips and tumor stun, breasts high and hands and feet strong and beautiful. Isn't that what any woman wants?

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But if you've decided to seriously engage in high-quality training for health, power and beauty, you need to think about your nutrition as well. The training is aimed at building and strengthening muscles - the organism needs material for construction and energy: without this, the exercise will be of little use and the health can be shattered. A lot of women have a great figure, like that commercial, hidden under thick layers of fat, a proper balance of power in power training will help free and strengthen their beautiful body.

Cutting the diet and sitting on the diet in parallel with the power training, the organism will begin to waste the squirrels of the muscles, the squirrels of the leather, and the fat won't go anywhere. Why? Because low-calorium diet slows the exchange of substances: the organism decides that it is not necessary to spend fat, and under stress from the power forces, it will be spared.

Therefore, power during the day of the force must be caloric, but there must be small quantities to avoid overloading the internal organs and not worsening the quality of the training.

Power training: products and muscle mass

питание при силовых тренировках питание при силовых тренировках
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