как сбалансировать питание

How To Balance The Food To Lose

Продукты и правильное питание для похуденияThe shortest way to deteriorate is to find everyone, and especially beautiful ladies, because it's so reluctant to spend time on complex physical exercises, to pay for expensive procedures in beauty salons, to make even more expensive and unsafe plastic operations.

However, sport and massage should not be abandoned, but they are unlikely to have the desired effect unless they change their nutritional habits. Food and food needs to be cleaned up, and that's the right way to lose.

However, we hear many nutritional advices: how do we know what's right and what's wrong? The simplest and most effective approach is to finally balance your food, and it's not as complicated as many people think.

Four key points need to be addressed: carbon, protein, fat and cage. Of course, many of your habits will have to be seriously reviewed.

Carbon: correct food for deterioration

Carbons are divided into " bad " and " good " . The first are those products that do not require long preparation: most of them are ready. It's bread, baking, musli, chips, cakes and cakes, sweets, potatoes, macaroons, white rice. Such products seem to us to be delicious and habitual, and they are mostly from crachmal and sugar. They are gradually becoming an integral part of our food, and they are taking more places. If we don't spend enough energy after we use this food, and we're not moving enough, it's quickly transformed into a body, becoming fat.

Second group of carbs: wholesale bread and bread with cuts, brown rice, Greek and oatmeal cascas, macaroni from rude belt, green vegetables, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, red beans, dairy products, soya, fresh fruit, burning chocolate, fresh fruit, fresh

It's simple: there's a need to change the products to the places: the bad ones try to eat less and the good ones as much as possible.

Squirrel: correct food for deterioration

I'll have to increase the protein in the nutrients. The squirrels are very important to the vitality of our organism, because they are composed of amino acids, without which we can't go around. All amino acids must be present in sufficient quantities because they help to learn each other.

The exchange of substances will only be normal when both proteins, plant and animal, will be present in our nutrients. It's better if they're even in our nutrients, but if you want, the share of the plant protein can be increased, it won't hurt.

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