Хорошая физическая форма

How Quickly To Lose A Sport

The benefits of physical exercises in the event of a deterioration are clear: additional energy consumption, a trained body, a good feeling. However, girls and women continue to be dissatisfied with their volumes or the rate of decline in weights as a result of sporting for worsening. It's all about stereotyping, which is the result of a misconception of the deterioration itself.

Myth number one. If you're active in sports, you can eat a lot more calorie food.

Of course, sports help burn more calories. However, it is not worth abuse of food. So to burn 300 rocks, you have to do aerobics within an hour. The same number of calories is contained in 2, 5 glasses of milk with a fatty of 2.5%. Now, to get rid of the beating, we need to spend at least two hours on aerobics. Do you have time and desire to spend so much time on sports every day to spoil yourself with calories? Probably not. Resume: physical training is indispensable for worsening, but if not to monitor the calorium of rationality, the weight will not seek to decrease.

Meth No. 2. Beg is the most useful sport for worsening.

A lot of people buy a subscription in Fitness and spend hours on the runway. And still dissatisfied with your figure. Why? The thing is, cardio exercises are much more effective in mixing with power training. Of course, on a regular run, you'll drop 2-3 kilos. But the same weight you'll drop when you're engaged in power exercises (leg lifts, push-ups, etc.) and then you'll add up the muscle mass. What's that good for? It's just that the muscles demand energy for their recovery and recharge, even when they don't work. Therefore, the calories following the force training continue to be “fired” a few hours after their completion. But remember, even the most inflated muscles can be hidden under the fat layer of fat, and the power calorium must be monitored.

Myth No. 3. Trainers can ruin the feminization of forms

Not exactly. First, women in principle have less muscle tissue and are very difficult to roll. And secondly, to keep a normal girl like a bodibilder, it takes years of intensive training, special meals and a huge desire. To support the body in the tone of power exercises will help. Besides, the force training makes the body tight, the muscles of the press, the hand, and the berry-berry-bearing, which, together with the drops, looks more effective. Therefore, supplementing the right nutrient diet Determined physical loads with retaliation, as well as seating, pushing, leg liftings, will not be as good as possible.

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