Для того, чтобы худеть

Calculate The Calories To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, you have to watch the calories, it's not enough to have a simple physical load.

Every person ' s daily need for calories depends on many factors and certainly cannot be universal. If you want to lose weight, you have to watch the calories, it's not enough physical load. Several important factors need to be taken into account to calculate the individual indicator:

1. Calorium flow rate in peace, or Basel metabolism

The body needs energy to breathe, think, move and do a bunch of things. To find out how much calorie your body spends in a state of peace, you need to multiply 22 (or 24, 2 for men) on your weight.

There is another option: the equation of Harris-Benedict, which takes into account more factors, namely age, growth, etc. The result will always be almost the same as the first formula. For example, I'm a man, 37, 70, 3 kilos, 173 centimeters. Using an online calculator for Harris-Benedict, the result is 1,630 calories and the first formula (70, 3 x 24, 2) is 1701.

2. Calorium flow or Thermal activity effect (TEA)

This includes everything that looks like physical exercise. It's ambiguous, because if you've been sitting all day behind your computer today, your TEA will be 10-20% of basic metabolism, and tomorrow, when you went to dig potatoes, interest can increase to 100. In average activity and routine practice (1 hour per day), the TEA will be between 30 and 50 per cent by rest. 22-24, 2 calories turn into 28, 6 to 33 per kilogram of body weight a day.

3. Food resupply or the Term effect of food (TEE)

The body needs energy to refuse it. There's a lot to do with your food style, especially if you're on a diet, but on average, a normal person spends about 10% of his calories on it. We get 30, 8, 35, 2 calories per kilo.

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