The Right Food In The Pulp

What's a pulp and can you fight it? The causes of orange crust have been disputed since the 1970s. The scientific name of the pululululitis, " polyprehystrophia " , is a violation of the exchange of lipids (feds) due to a violation of blood circulation and lymphs.

Where to attack

Direct or indirect causes of disease are:

- hormonal imbalance (varicular failures, thyroid diseases, other endocrine disorders);
- the characteristics of bodywork, skin construction and the exchange of substances;
- Vital exchange violation;
- Violation of the nutritional regime;
Use of products containing hormonal additives;
- smoking.

Целлюлит These factors result in micro-destructions of bleed in the subcutaneous cage, leaving no oxygen to the cells of fat tissue and dying. Since the fat tissue is in its own cells, there are dense commas of fat that create the effects of orange crust. It's wrong to think that lystrophicity only comes from full people. There are sometimes even very skinny and sporting women showing signs. And some thicks, on the contrary, can brag ulcers and smooth skins. But there's one serious factor - common to all women - a game of weight - lost the ceiling. The weight of the world, which begins, can be transformed safely into a colorful pulp.

Flebologists, by the way, speak of the interrelationship of pullith and varicosis. So if you've noticed the orange crust on your feet, check the veins!

How to fight

Health centres and beauty salons offer various procedures to rid the pulp. Some of them are related to low-frequency currents that either destroy subcutaneous fat (electorallypoliz) or encourage muscle reductions, thus accelerating the removal of fatty cage fragmentation products (apparate lymphodrene). Others, such as mesotherapy, include microdoses of nutritious and curative cocktails. In the initial stage, the massage is quite effective (hand or vacuum).

Very popular anti-cellulite creams that improve the microcirculation of blood and lymphs make skin more dense and ulcer. ♪ ♪

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