Морозник для похудения

Good Nutrition For Sport

The seat with the pants is one of the best practices. Both the bodibilists and the operifers can benefit greatly from it if they do the right thing.

Mistake 1
The Griff is too high on the tube.
The grif is too high on the tranquilius muscle, and especially the neck base creates an additional lever that deviates your hull from the optimum motion trajectory. The string shall lie above the rear beams of the delto-like muscles, in the middle of the tube, approximately 3-8 cm from the front deltoid.

Mistake 2
Wrong griff, too wide or narrow. Excessively wide vain deprives you of control over your pants, and narrowly creates significant and harmful stress in your elbows. Normal: 7-15 cm larger than shoulder.

Mistake 3
Extra steps.
Long-term energy is spent on unnecessary steps from waste to adopt the baseline. And if there's a record-weight squat ahead. Step aside for as long as you don't wear your pants.

Mistake 4
Excessive head up.
Removing your head back to your seat has a negative impact on your entire position. Look straight ahead and instead of bending your neck, trying to hold your head above, just make sure that your jaw plane is parallel to the floor while moving. At the same time, your back will be more direct, improving the biomechanics of the seat and increasing the chances of a successful completion of the exercise.

Mistake 5
The foot position.
The right staircase should be slightly larger than the shoulder, but this rule depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete. People with strong hips and eggs can use a larger bar than those whose muscles are less developed. The bigger the bar, the more it has to be on the side of the legs.

Mistake 6
Inclination forward.
The superfluous deviation of the seating hull occurs for three main reasons: the lack of flexibility in the slops is not sufficient for the lower back muscles or the incorrect form of exercise. Fortunately, all three reasons can be identified and corrected. There is a significant increase in results.

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