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Correct Meals At Type 2 Diabetes

What's the point?

Every diabetic knows he can't: sugar, booze, macaroons, potatoes, most ruptures, bread and other food, rich in coal. But there's not enough to know what he can do. You can diabetes a lot of good food. Diet at the diabetes are so diverse and comprehensive as a healthy man. " Healthy people can still be bullied by their organisms, and diabetics already require respect for themselves " explains Tatiana Rumyanese, endocrinologist diabetologist, author of the popular diabetic book.

Diabetic diet should be based on vegetables (up to 800-900 g per day) and fruit (300-400 g per day). They should be combined with oxidized products (up to 0, 5 l per day), meat and fish (up to 300 g per day), mushrooms (up to 150 g per day). Carbons can be, too, but a little, 100 g of bread or 200 g of potato / crup a day. From time to time, they can be used as useful sweets (see menu at the end of the text).

How the diet works.

The main problem with diabetes type two is the loss of the sensitivity of organism cells to insulin, which is necessary for the exercise of carbon. When the carbons in the diet are too large (humans abuse sweet and flourish food), cells stop feeling insulin, and blood sugar increases. The idea of this diet is to get the cages back to the insulin and the ability to absorb sugar. In addition, cell sensitivity to insulin is growing at physical loads.

How do you turn on her?

Remove the food-provocators (pine, candy, cakes) from the house and keep a bright vase with fruit / berries, and in the refrigerator, a plate of beautifully cut sweet peppers, selery, carrots and cucumbers.

If you wanted a sweet one, you could take it out of your own for another coal food. Replace bread, potatoes, chips, fruits and vegetable juices to cover the place for sweet dessert. Let's just say, at lunch, instead of a boiled potato to a chicken breast, wear broccoli, drop bread to soup and fruit. Then you can safely afford a piece of dessert.

Give me a plate for two parts. Half of you fill up vegetables and start a trape with them. The other half will be a double. Put the squirrels on one part (e.g. meat, fish, credo) and on the other, the crachmatic carbs (figures, potatoes, macarons, wholesale bread). When you eat carbs with proteins or a small number of healthy fats (star oil, nuts), blood sugar is stable.

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