меню правильное питание для

Correct Food For A Man

Фото 1 - Правильное питание для мужчин: курица с гарниромNARRY MASSA!

Food value (for ration): 752 kcals, 74 g of proteins, 15 g of fat (of which 3 g of saturated), 76 g of carbs.


The secret of this dish is in the cedar nuts and corn cereal. The first is one of the vegetable food champions of protein and fat content. The second, which is used instead of conventional shoe ears, buys more nutrients and less insulated fats. We'll add to this superenergy wild rice, and we'll get a real masterpiece.

Squeeze it!

Food value (for ration): 464 rocks, 65 g proteins, 16 g fat (of which 3 g are saturated), 13 g carbs.


Carbon is the enemy of the worst. We've made this happen by replacing rice in the garrier with a colored cabbage. " Uncontaining vegetables is one of the few types of products that the worst can eat almost without restrictions " , - Says the British Dietologist Barbara Ross. In addition, in the colour cabbage, a vitamin C that helps to burn fat during physical loads. Yeah, another spine. But there's so much written about him that we're gonna be short--- that's a really good thing about that spinach.

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