весы с подсчетом калорий

Valley Weights

Electronic kitchen weights equipped with a calorie count function are an indispensable device to control the eaten. The contents of kilocalories, proteins, carbs and fats of different products are presented in memory of the balance, which will greatly facilitate the counting. How to use such a function is written in a brochure that goes with the product.

In addition to the function, weigh products and calculate calories, the weight of the counter can and can take the mass of the packagings. Some models not only weigh and show the weight and the Kcal of the product, but also summarise the amount of food eaten a day. When you add ingredients one after another, the function of successive weighing is useful. There are kitchen weights with diabetes calorie counters that calculate Hea product.

External similar models do not differ from simple ones. It's a metal tube or plastic that's in the screen. To select good weights, draw attention to certain characteristics:

♪ Measuring accuracy. As a general rule, the producer uses a weight of 2-3 kilograms. The maximum weight of 5 kg is for large families.

♪ Sometimes a cup goes in the kit. Choose in your preference whether you need it.

♪ Measuring accuracy is between 0, 1 and 50 grams. Okay, if this value isn't above 5.

As always, the price depends on the brand, the producer country and the operation. Remember, good technology can't be very cheap. Before you do the purchase, read the feedback, look at the photo. Maybe you'll be lucky, and you'll find good and cheap weights.

If you use the right weights with the calorie counter, they'll serve you for a long time. Pure them very easily - the packaging or platform can be removed and slide, and the surface of the hull can be wiped with a rag.

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