Как считать калории: таблица


Считаем Калории и Худеем!!! Наши результатыWe need to remember that to reduce the body mass for each kilo, we need to build 7,700 cages. It's the same amount of calories that goes for the purchase of a kilo of body mass.

  • Better if all the results and plans are recorded. The number of people eaten must be recorded during the day, so it will be easier to control the diet.
  • Simultaneously with the number of calories used daily, a physical stress note must be maintained during the day.
  • The third table of records should be on weight loss. We need to weigh each other every morning, get out of bed. When comparing the records in all three tables, the individual will determine which mode of nutrition and physical load leads to the best result, a faster loss of weight.

To lose weight.there is a broken and well-known truth that the calorium consumption should be less than the flow rate. In a low-lived way of life, a person must live with a diet of 1,200 calories per day, while an active, sporting diet may be increased to 1,800 calories per day.

It's hard to count your calorie flow a day. The middle-aged man who's a manager spends up to 2,800 cages a day. A woman of the same age spends 2,200 kcals per day on an identical job.

A man on a physically hard job spends about 3,000 kcals, a woman 2,500.

The calorium-based diet method is very effective, it is designed both to reduce the body mass and to maintain the result on any diet.

The calorium should be based on the product calorium table.♪ Sometimes the numbers differ in different tables - nothing scary, these numbers are still average. Better get a table with a bigger list of products. Such a sign can be printed from the Internet, placed in a prominent place in his kitchen, and put in his purse.

We've got to get to know the calorie of the products on the labels, and we've got to count on our own. On the basis of these uncomplicated calculations, it is possible to estimate the amount of food per meal not exceeding the chosen regime.

Считаем Калории и Худеем!!! Наши результаты Считаем Калории и Худеем!!! Наши результаты Считаем Калории и Худеем!!! Наши результаты Считаем Калории и Худеем!!! Наши результаты
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