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I'd like to tell you a few things I've tested. calorium computing annexes Android smartphones.

Personally, as an amateur of the gadgets and all sorts of technical impulses, I certainly couldn't override those applications. I've opened this opportunity in 2013 after I started to thrive, reading the book "Psiological Diet from Dr. Bormental Center." I'll tell you what I've lost, by the way, 13 kilos. First, I thought the calories were right on their website, then I decided to search for the phone applications, test a few, stop at one, and I still use them. It's an app for the Birbrod, about it at the end.

For me, the calorie counter gives me the key to controlling myself, seeing the amount of carbs, proteins and fat eaten in the day, and "not dissolved," that is, even at the weight-keeping stage, any calorie counters seem very useful.

And now the review:

First, I'll list a few online counters, and I used them, too:

- Catalogued table of calories of products
- Oline Calculator of Products
10diet.net - Calculator for Calculator
- Table of calories of products
- calorium tables, including ready plates
- Calculator of calorium consumption

Android applications for calorium


Main functions:

- The largest Android food database in over 3,000,000 names;
♪ Rapid and convenient introduction of nutritional data: the annex remembers your favourite meals, and allows several meals to be added at the same time, to preserve and add whole meals and so on;
Complete synchronization with the site: the diary can be filled from both computer and telephone;
♪ To invite friends;
♪ Creation of own dishes and exercises, basic nutrient statistics, dynamic reports, individual targeting based on your dietary profile, calculator of the food value of prescriptions, and full support for metric and English intervention systems.
♪ More than 350 exercises;
♪ Statistics on both cardio and force training, including the number of approaches, repetitions and repetition weights;
♪ The possibility of creating an unlimited number of exercises;

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