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How To Count How Many Calories It Takes A Day

How many calories do a man need a day? That's a question for a lot of people. Until recently, it was considered that the rule for women 2000-2500ccal a day was even greater for men. But in today's world there are women of small growth, there are high. And accordingly, for each of them, their daily need for calories.

Today, one of the exact formulas in the world is the Muffin-Jeor formula developed in 1990.

Below you can calculate your basic exchange-- the amount of calories that your organism needs to maintain his life-saving activities ( hair increase, breathing, blood flow, etc.) This formula takes into account the important factor - the Life Exposure. Because what way of life you lead (slow or active) depends on the flow of calories.

The amount you received eventually "Calari's Races." - it's the number of calories per day that you need for life, and the amount helps stabilize your weight.

Amount "For worsening." - it's a safe fall in weight for your body. Professionals recommend a 20% reduction in day calorie, a gradual and comfort reduction in weight.

Of course, calories can be dramatically reduced, and then the process of deterioration will be faster. But you and I are following the rule: "Don't hurt!"and so our formula is soft, comfortable and without delaying the exchange of substances (which may happen when the calories are reduced) will lead you to the desired results.

For worsening:
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