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How Many Calories Are Needed To Deteriorate

The Internet and the glamorous magazines won't buy promises: one star weighed more than 100 kilos, and now, when it's gone, it's a real beauty, and the other one in a couple of weeks was easily rid of ten kilos... Amazing? What happens to internal organs, skins and hair, with such a rapid deterioration, and how much time and money goes to their recovery, usually detracts. It's not an interesting part of history.

The doctors say that the fats are not “incinerated”, as is considered, but are being processed. This means that they do not disappear unchecked, but they separate other substances as a result of reactions inside us. One consequence of rapid deterioration is the emergence of a large amount of fat acid in the plasma of blood. The liver purifies the blood, and the fat acids go back to the formation of fat, but already in the filtering body. The burning of the liver may subsequently be threatened with cyrrhosis. This is not even a radical one, but the most conventional deterioration that exceeds the speed of more than half a kilo per week. Think: The rapid deterioration, however desired, puts the organ at risk, which cannot be replaced by more than 500 different chemical oxidation and remediation reactions that protect and purify the whole body.

Limiting calories is a safe reduction in weight

You don't need to stick to the inspiring diet or take pills of doubtful quality and origin. The main challenge is to consume food with less calories than you spend every day. Of course, it is better to exclude or significantly reduce the amount of sugar and artificial sweets, buns, cakes, candy. It's good to eat more cough (the best is oatmeal and Greek), fruit and vegetables.

How many. calorie needs a day. Women and Men

Each organism is individualized and, with the same amount of calorie consumed, one person is drastically losing kilograms, the other will remain in the same weight, and the third may be slightly recovered. How do you know how many calories you need to lose?

Method of calculation of calorium deficit

The basic formula is so simple that it will even be clear to the top graders:

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