Таблица калорийности продуктов

Diet Count Calories

The carcass is 18%, the creams are 35 percent, and you don't even want to eat milk. The optimum choice is an egg out of five bacon eggs. Don't get involved with chicken breasts and broccoli! Do you think it's the secret dreams of the burners? No, a diet for worsening, which, by the way, has more than two million fans!

The thinning community is excited: a new diet has emerged with a romantic name called " six blinds " . Her beauty is, in only six days, you can lose 3-5 kg. Social networks sing to the blinds of the diphirams. It's a joke, in months, thousands of imaginary reviews! It's worth taking a closer look at this kidnapper...

If a person with these parameters uses 2,540 cages in the day, his weight will remain constant. For worsening, 400 kcals need less energy than spending. Thus, the daily diet in this case shall not exceed 2,140 kcals.

To follow the diet, we need to carefully count the calorie of the diet. And when you eat more, at breakfast, lunch or dinner, the author thinks it doesn't matter.

Keep weighing and controlling calorie, increasing or decreasing it depending on the rate of deterioration. So long as you don't get the perfect parameters.


The second step is to calculate the typical weight of the week. And for that, you have to weigh every day. This is necessary to obtain the most accurate results without errors, such as the irregular work of the bowel.

When you see the toilet and before breakfast, you'll be able to take it every day. It's better to use e-weights. All the statements are recorded. At the end of the week, all seven results obtained will be recorded in order of increase. The fourth point from the beginning is the typical weight of the week. Do it next week. Then compare the numbers. If the other one was less than the first one, you'd lose weight. If it's more, it's done. Example:

Week 1: 84, 9; 84, 6; 84, 5; 84, 8; 84, 8; 84, 6; 84, 9; 84, 7. Extended: 84, 5; 84, 6; 84, 6; 84, 6; 84, 7; 84, 8; 84, 9; 84, 9. Typical weight of 84, 7 kg. Next week, having a typical value, for example, 84, 2 kg, we read: 84, 7 - 84, 2 = 0, 5 kg. That's the steady result of the week. It must be 1 pound, i.e. 400-450 g. If you're worse than 400 g, you need to reduce the calorium of the diet by 100 kcals. But if you lose weight, like in this case, like 500 g, add 100 cages to the daily diet.

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