Популярные диеты: подсчет


Professor David Hakins University of Birmingham believes that the use of the calorie scale is not useful in computing the amount of energy consumed by the organism in preparing diet and physical load plans.

"The supply of energy in the food, like the heat generated by the incineration, is misleading. Organism uses food in the production of APF; free energy generated by ATF hydrolysis, ADF and phosphate ions is subsequently used directly by the organism without any need for heat production.- quotes Hakins "Lenta.Roo."

The specialist concludes that everything depends on the task that the organism performs. The scientist emphasizes that many enzymes are involved in the energy exchange of cells. It is not possible to analyse them fully.

Unfortunately, it would be very difficult to recommend an alternative simple rule that prescribes how much energy can be extracted from different foods.And, uh, notes in Hakins Prep.

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