Калькулятор калорий ХиКи 3.57

Calculator Of Calories Per Day

The question of their weight is a matter of concern to any person, and in particular to a woman. She's very important to know how much she weighs, and whether that's what it takes. It's very convenient in this case for an online calculator, which makes it possible to know exactly how much calorie a day The day of the week requires a quick or normal loss of weight. If it's all right, it's good to know how much the calorie needs to keep it from changing. Finally, it is simply necessary to have access to the daily calculator when a teenager, for example, loses weight, and parents try to know how much he needs every day.

It's very simple to use a calculator, so we need to fill the main fields: age, gender, weight and growth, a separate graph, a degree of physical stress. The results of the calculator online will be delivered in kilocalories or kilojoules. Different formulas are used for calculation: Mifflina-San Geora, which the American Dietologists Association considers to be as precise as possible, or Harris-Benedict when the Calculator calculates the energy demand in the state of rest. Instruction

♪ Fill the fields.
♪ Specify training intensity.
♪ Specify what the result is in calories or kilojoules as well as the formula for calculating.

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