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As Calories In Products

The common word “caloria” comes from French calorie. And it takes its start from Latin calor, which in translation means " warm " .

It is very useful to be able to properly calculate the calorie of products. We're all concerned. healthy food♪ It implies the correct formulation of its diet, which will take into account all nuances, including the number of calories required to maintain normal life.

Caloria is a unit of energy that the organism consumes to maintain its own work capacity. It's proven that a man doesn't necessarily have a lot of food to eat and feel comfortable. As a rule, everyone has a rule that can be maintained in the same condition for a long time. If you're going to lose weight, you can calculate the amount of calorie consumed per day to get the perfect weight.

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It's not easy to read the calories of products. For starters, it should be remembered that in 1 g, the protein contains 4 cages, 1 g of carbs, 4 too, and 1 g of fat is 9 kcals. Product Calority is usually calculated at 100 g. It's easier and easier, even though a man rarely eats strictly 100 grams.

Like, you ate a piece of bread weighing 20 g. How many rocks in it can be calculated using the table. Typically, in 100 g of black bread 7, 7 g of protein, 2, 4 g of fat and 53, 4 g of carbs. But it's 100 g, and we need to calculate their number in 20 g. For this, divide 7, 7 g of protein per 100 and get the number of squirrels in 1 g of bread is 0,077 g. It is further multiplied by 20 in one piece of bread: 20 x 0,077 = 1,54 g. After this, multiply this value by the number of cokes in 1 g of the useful substance, i.e. 1, 54x 4 = 6, 16 kcals. Also calculate the remaining values for fats and carbs. Then lay down, and you'll get a total calorie for a piece of bread weighing 20 g.

If you need to calculate the number of all the calories eaten, consider them for each product you require, and then add the results.

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